In practicing the art of parenthood an ounce of example is worth a ton of preachment. (When we set an example of honesty our children will be honest. When we encircle them with love they will be loving. When we practice tolerance they will be tolerant. When we meet life with laughter, they will develop a sense of humour. Our children are watching us live, and what we ARE shouts louder than anything we can say. (Wilfred A. Paterson)

A tip by Sara, my step grand-daughter: Place knitting needles and a collection of yarn in a basket and suggest to your long-visiting friends to knit a square or two. It will make your guests feel useful and will eventually present you with a collection of squares for a memorable blanket!

Arabic proverb:  Stretch your legs the length of your mattress.

‘Salaam’ is ‘Peace’ in Arabic.

‘Ana bahibbak’ is ‘I love you’ when said to a male

‘Ana bahibbek’ is ‘I love you’ when said to a female