If you are a book publisher and is interested in publishing  a cookbook about Middle Eastern Cooking, please contact  my representative: maryanne.farah@gmail.com

My manuscript contains over two hundred recipes; with chapters on meat and poultry, seafood, salads, stews, soups, vegetarian dishes, menu suggestions for dinner parties, coffee, breads, desserts and a section on pickles. There is the familiar such as kabab, tabbouleh, stuffed cabbage, grape leaves, rice pudding, and the not so familiar, i.e. tripe pockets in yogurt sauce, octopi, how to roll maftoul/couscous, and instructions to make yogurt and white cheese. This blog is a sampling of the manuscript content.


Nadia S. Farah


Published author of ‘Ah! Cooking the Middle Eastern Way’ in 1982 by Deneau Publishers.